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Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd specializes in car auctioning businesses since 2000. We offer many different kinds of vehicles, big and small, and in various cc. We also provide related automobile services such as car insurance, service and repair, among others.


Latest Notices from Banks

18 Mar, 20

Attention to all bidders,

Please read the latest notices from the banks.

Buyer Premium Increment

01 Jul, 19

Attention to all bidders,

The new Buyer Premium RM600 per vehicle & RM250 per motorbike will be effective from 1st of July.




Notice : Movement Control Order - Auction Services

18 Mar, 20

Movement Control Order – Auction Services 


To : All Valued Clients / Customers

From : The Management of 

           Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd 

Date : 18th March 2020


Greetings from Too.


In the light of COVID-19 situation and the

recently declared Movement Control Order to be 

imposed between March 18 and 31 2020,


Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd shall be strictly

complying with the Prevention and Control of Infection 

Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967. 


To take measures seriously and effectively, all

auction services shall cease with immediate effect. 


All scheduled auction to be held up to 01 April 2020 

shall also be suspended:

19 March 2020 (Seremban), 

20 March 2020 (Butterworth), 

24 March 2020 (Johor Bahru, Selayang)

and 01 April 2020 (Selayang).


This is reflective of the directive issued by the 

Courts and major land offices, which will also

be closed with no auction taking place during 

this period.


While all efforts are focused on maintaining our

business, we seek your understanding and

patience for this unexpected disruption.


We will continue to manage the situation and

implement measures to prioritise the safety of 

all employees, colleagues, business 

partners, and clients.


Stay healthy and stay safe.

Thank you.

通告 : 行动管制令-拍卖活动

18 Mar, 20

至 : 尊贵的顾客

自 :Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd 管理层

日期 : 2020年3月18日





Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd务必严格遵守1988年预防和控制传染病法和1967年警察法。





2020年3月24日(Selayang 和Johor Bahru)和 2020年4月1日(Selayang)。








Notis: Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan - Perkhidmatan Lelong

18 Mar, 20

Kepada : Pelanggan yang dihargai

Dari : Pengurusan Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd

Tarikh : 18 Mac 2020


Selamat Hari.

Mengikut keadaan COVID-19 dan Perintah Kawalan 

Pergerakan yang diisytiharkan baru-baru ini 

yang akan dikenakan antara 18 dan 31 Mac 2020, 


Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd akan mematuhi

Akta Pencegahan dan Kawalan Penyakit

Jangkitan 1988 dan Akta Polis 1967.


Untuk mengambil langkah-langkah dengan serius 

dan berkesan, semua perkhidmatan lelong 

hendaklah terhenti dengan serta merta.


Semua lelongan yang dijadualkan akan diadakan 

sehingga 01 April 2020 juga akan digantung:

19 Mac 2020 (Seremban), 

20 Mac 2020 (Butterworth), 

24 Mac 2020 (Johor Bahru, Selayang) 

dan 01 April 2020 (Selayang).


Ini adalah reflektif arahan yang dikeluarkan oleh 

Mahkamah dan pejabat tanah utama, yang juga 

akan ditutup tanpa lelongan yang berlaku dalam

tempoh ini.


Walaupun segala usaha difokuskan untuk 

mengekalkan perniagaan kami, kami mencari

pemahaman dan kesabaran anda untuk gangguan

yang tidak dijangka ini. 


Kami akan terus menguruskan keadaan dan 

melaksanakan langkah-langkah untuk 

mengutamakan keselamatan semua

pekerja, rakan sekerja, rakan kongsi 

perniagaan dan pelanggan.


Tetap sihat dan selamat.


Terima kasih.


05 May, 20

To : All Valued Clients / Customers
From : The Management of Too Warehouse (M) Sdn Bhd & Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd
Date : 04th May 2020

In light of recent announcement made by Prime Minister and State Government, we would like to inform
our customers that our branches will resume business as below:

JB branch - 06th May 2020 ( Contact number : 016 2276422)
Seremban branch - 06th May 2020 ( Contact number : 016 2276405)
Selayang branch - 06th May 2020 ( Contact number : 012 615 5534)
Butterworth branch - 08th May 2020 ( Contact number : 016 2276420)

Opening hours : Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,
Close for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Our SOP are written based off the regulations and guidelines set by the government. It is important that
these SOP be followed for the safety of everyone entering our compound.

In order to expedite the release and/or viewing of vehicles, it is advisable to book an appointment ahead of
time to enable us to serve you more efficiently and to be in accordance with the SOP imposed by the

The Standard Procedure of Operations (SOP)
1. Appointment to be booked in advance for the following:
1a. Releasing of auction cars
1b. Redemption by Hirer / third party
1c. Viewing ( maximum of 5 viewers are allowed to be in the premise at a time)

2. Before entering our premise, bidders / hirers / repossessors / towing drivers / authorised
personnel are required to :
2a: Wear Mask (Self provided)
2b: Sanitize your hand (Provided by warehouse)
2c: Fill out a COVID-19 Self Declaration Form (Provided by warehouse);
2d: Thermometer Temperature Check (Provided by warehouse);
2e. Social Distancing keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 meters in indoor environments and 1
meter in outdoor .

3. No Onsite Auction during CMCO

Our company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not complied to the above SOP.

Thank you for your kind co-operation in advance!

恢复营业通知 - 有限度⾏管令

05 May, 20

⾄ : 尊贵的客户
⾃: Too Warehouse (M) Sdn Bhd & Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd 管理层
⽇期: 2020年5⽉4⽇

新⼭分⾏ - 2020年5⽉6⽇(联系电话:016 2276422)
芙蓉分⾏ - 2020年5⽉6⽇(联系电话:016 2276405)
⼠拉央分⾏ - 2020年5⽉6⽇(联系电话:012 615 5534)
北海分⾏ - 2020年5⽉8⽇(联系电话:016 2276420)
营业时间: 周⼀⾄周五 上午9点⾄下午5点

全, 在进入我司场所时请您务必遵守我司所制定的SOP。


1. 以下事项需提前预约:
1a. 释放拍卖⻋
1b. ⻋主 / 第三⽅赎回汽⻋
1c. 拍卖前预览(⼀次最多可容许5位参观者)

2e : 社交距离 在室内与他⼈保持距离⾄少为1.5米,⽽在室外则⾄少为1米。





05 May, 20

Kepada : Pelanggan yang dihargai
Dari : Pengurusan Too Warehouse (M) Sdn Bhd & Too Management Holdings Sdn Bhd
Tarikh : 04 Mei 2020

Merujuk kepada pengumuman baru-baru ini yang diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri dan
Kerajaan Negeri, kami ingin memberitahu pelanggan bahawa cawangan kami akan memulakan
perniagaan seperti di berikut:

Cawangan Johor Bahru - 06 Mei 2020 (nombor hubungan: 016 227 6422)
Cawangan Seremban - 06 Mei 2020 (nombor hubungan: 016 227 6405)
Cawangan Selayang - 06 Mei 2020 (nombor hubungan: 012 615 5534)
Cawangan Butterworth - 08 Mei 2020 (nombor hubungan: 016 227 6420)
Waktu operasi: Isnin hingga Jumaat 9 pagi hingga 5 petang
Tutup pada hari Sabtu, Ahad dan Cuti Umum

SOP kami berdasarkan dari peraturan dan garis panduan yang ditetapkan oleh kerajaan. Sila
mematuhi SOP semasa memasuki premis kami untuk keselamatan anda and semua orang .

Untuk mempercepatkan proses pelepasan / pengeluaran kereta dengan SOP yang diumumkan
oleh kerajaan, pelanggan hendak membuat temu janji dahulu agar kami dapat melayani anda
dengan lebih berkesan.

Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP)
1. Temujanji yang telah ditempah terlebih dahulu untuk perkara berikut:
1a. Melepaskan kereta lelong
1b. Penebusan oleh Penyewa / pihak ketiga
1c. Melihat kereta dahulu sebelum lelongan (maksimum 5 peserta dibenarkan berada di premis
pada satu masa)

2. Sebelum memasuki premis kami, pembida / penyewa / penyewa semula / pemandu
penarik / Kakitangan yang sah diminta untuk:
2a: memakai Topeng (disediakan sendiri);
2b: Basuh tangan anda (Disediakan oleh gudang);
2c: Isi Borang Pengisytiharan Diri COVID-19 (Disediakan oleh gudang);
2d: Pemeriksaan Termometer (Disediakan oleh gudang);
2e: Amalan jarak social yang selamat iaitu sekurang-kurangnya 1.5 meter sekitaran dalaman dan
1 meter di sekitaran luar.

3. Tiada Lelong Di Tapak (On Site)

Syarikat kami berhak untuk menolak perkhidmatan kepada sesiapa yang tidak mematuhi SOP di
atas. Terima kasih diatas kerjasama baik anda !

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 5 December 2018​


TMH takes its responsibilities in relation to protection Personal Data and compliance with the applicable laws very seriously. TMH is committed to properly manage, protect and process your Personal Data in accordance to this Privacy Policy, which shall apply to all Personal Data collected from you through TMH Website and E-Bidding Platform. The definitions used in the Online Auction Agreement is incorporated herein as a reference. The term you, your and yours are references to anyone accessing, browsing and using the TMH Website and all E-Bidder.

In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” shall mean any data, whether true or untrue, which is (a) about an individual who can be identified (i) from that data; or (ii) from that data and other information to which TMH have or are likely to have access and would include data in TMH’s records as may be updated from time to time, or (b) defined as “personal data” or “personal information” under the applicable data protection laws in Malaysia.

Please read and review this Privacy Policy, which will inform you how TMH collects, stores, uses and discloses your Personal Data. TMH may also collect and process Personal Data under any exceptions to the applicable laws, which may not be set out in this Privacy Policy.

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TMH collects Personal Data from you when (a) you register an account on the TMH Website; (b) you participate as an E-Bidder through the E-Bidding Platform; (c) you browse the TMH Website; (d) you accept our cookies on your device; (e) you interact with TMH or other representatives of TMH, for example, via the TMH Website, emails, telephone calls, letters or face-to-face meetings; (f) your authorized representative submits your Personal Data to TMH for any purpose reasonably authorized by you, for example, bidding on your behalf; (g) our third-party analytics and other service providers provide your Personal Data to us, which was collected and processed by them and disclosed to us pursuant to their separate privacy policy; or (h) you voluntarily submit your Personal Data to us for any reason.

TMH may collect your bank information details to process payment and refund of your Deposit Sum and Buyer’s Premium. TMH may collect your Personal Data in circumstances where such collection does not require consent under Applicable Laws.

Please ensure that all Personal Data submitted to us are complete, accurate, true and correct. Failure to do so may result in our inability to communicate with you.


The Personal Data will be used and disclosed for purposes including: (a) to facilitate your use of the E-Bidding Platform or access to TMH Website, including responding to your queries, feedback, claims or disputes; (b) to process the registration process to the TMH Website and E-Bidding Platform and to make a decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of user or E-Bidder applications; (c) to verify the information provided by you; (d) to assist with the collection of any amounts due and owing by you to TMH; (e) to communicate with you in relation to (i) your queries, request and feedback, (ii) material changes to TMH Website or E-Bidding Platform, (iii) matters relating to operation of the E-Bidder Account; (f) to contact you to provide with information regarding the auction; (g) to help TMH develop, evaluate and improve TMH’s quality of services and marketing strategy; (h) to respond to reasonable inquiries, governmental and enforcement agencies, police; (i) to verify and carry out financial transactions in relation to payments you make online; (k) to audit the downloading of data from TMH Website; (j) to improve the layout or content of the pages of TMH Website and customize them for users; (l) to identify visitors on TMH Website; (m) to carry out research on users’ demographics and behavior;

In addition, TMH may use and disclose your Personal Data for the following purpose:

(n) to send you marketing or promotional materials about from time to time; (o) to send marketing communications in relation to the services and promotional materials of third parties; (p) to deliver advertisements in relation to auction services which may be of interest to you; (q) to invite or notify you to any auction events; (r) to conduct market and research analysis and tracking; (s) to promote services offered through TMH Website; (t) to manage the administrative and business operations of TMH and complying with internal policies and procedures; (u) to improve TMH Website user or E-Bidder’s experience.

In the event TMH undergoes a business transaction such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of TMH’s assets, the Personal Data may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge and consent that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Privacy Policy, and that any acquirer of TMH’s assets may continue to process the Personal Data as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If TMH’s information practices change at any time in the future, TMH will post the policy changes to the TMH Website so that you may opt out of the new policy practices. TMH suggest that you check the TMH Website periodically if you are concerned about how your Personal Data is used.


In relation to TMH’s use to the Personal Data, TMH may disclose the Personal Data to (a) employees, consultants, Legal Owner or their agents; (b) payment processors, who process your payment; (c) related companies or subsidiary companies of TMH; (d) professional advisors and consultants; (e) agents, contractors or service providers who provide operational services to TMH, such as online cloud storage and processing, marketing optimization, information technology, telecommunication, security or other relevant services which requires their collection, use or disclosure of the Personal Data; (f) any other party whom you authorize to disclose the Personal Data to;

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